Photography Education

The headshots and branded photos on your site are perfect. They're bright, airy, and emody everything your business is about. That's because they're done professionally by Ann Blake Photography. But the rest of the content on your blog and instagram feed aren't measuring up.

Maybe you're having trouble styling your flatlays, getting professional quality images from your iPhone camerra, or maybe you just can't get over all the technical hurdles with using your DSLR camera. Whatever obstacle you're facing with creating your own visuals, Ann Blake is here to help with her Introduction to Photography Class.

In this guided online course you will learn:

  • How to shoot in manual without fear in every situation

  • What all of the buttons on your DSLR camera actually mean and how to use them correctly

  • Troubleshooting methods for common problems, like overexposed or underexposed photos

  • The steps to planning your own photoshoot from location scouting to shot list curation

When you master photographing and styling your own content, you will create a cohesive brand story that will elevate your business and conect with your audience like you never have before!

Ready to start?

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